Tsunami Entertainment is a multi-faceted creative and business solutions Company in the entertainment and media space, providing brand strategy, business development, operational and financial oversight. Headed by former EMI CEO Bruce Kirkland, its ambit includes music, filmed entertainment, fashion and technology.


Tsunami has built an enviable industry-wide reputation through its innovative marketing for some of the world’s most prestigious brands, including; Target Corporation, The Beatles, Tesco Stores, Peter Gabriel, NBC Enterprises, Bon Jovi, QVC, Sarah Brightman, Tartan Films, Universal Music Group, Depeche Mode, Mute Records, and Pearl Jam.


While Tsunami continues to offer core services through its global marketing platform and network of relationships, the Company recognized the need to expand the scope of its business due to the fundamental shift in legacy enterprises in the digital era.


As the physical business gives way to digital, the traditional gatekeepers are abandoning creative and product development in favor of an asset management role, leaving talent and affiliated emerging businesses to seek qualified outside support and partnerships to facilitate their growth.

This provides major opportunities for a new breed of brand managers and business developers to align and partner with creatives in delivering comprehensive, multi-platform solutions for all aspects of a brand’s commercial potential.


To this end, Tsunami has spent the past 2-3 years diversifying its services and expanding its expertise and relationships across music, filmed entertainment, fashion, event production and technology.


At the same time, Tsunami has transitioned its own business model towards a balanced portfolio of revenue generating services and equity based business alliances designed to provide long term value.



Pioneered the ‘virtual’ label model, providing a turn- key outsourced product releasing option for various labels and artists, which became the forerunner to the current Label Services function at major labels



Retooled the exclusive retail direct model for clients Target Corporation (US) and Tesco Stores (UK), creating a successful collaborative business partnership with artists such as Pearl Jam, Bon Jovi, Faithless, Collective Soul, Simply Red and Ziggy Marley



At EMI, Kirkland launched the first ever dedicated U.S. major label strategic marketing division, as President/CEO of EMI-Capitol Entertainment Properties (EPROP), which became the benchmark for similar divisions at other major labels in the U.S., and changed the way music companies monetize their assets.



Was among the first to provide a dedicated global marketing services function for major music brands, working with artists such as Bon Jovi, Sarah Brightman, and The Bee Gees.



At Capitol Records, Kirkland managed one of the most comprehensive music marketing events and product releases ever. The Beatles Anthology project comprised three albums, a network television special and a DVD box set .



Created the first ever live remote music broadcasts for QVC, with Bon Jovi, Michael Bublé and Michael McDonald.



At New York-based Second Vision, became the leading company to offer specialized marketing services for foreign-based artists in North America. Clients included Depeche Mode, Peter Gabriel, The Scorpions, Erasure, Kraftwerk, Sisters of Mercy, Sugarcubes, The The, etc.



Became one of the first early adopters of “event cinema releasing” in the U.S., overseeing the marketing and distribution for the highly successful Led Zeppelin film “Celebration Day”, depicting the band’s one-off reunion show at London’s O2 Arena.



Tsunami proposes it is uniquely qualified to be a next generation partner to contemporary brands, offering a holistic business solution to creative, lifestyle and commercial hyphenates;


Accordingly, Tsunami’s mission is to:


  • Provide integrated transmedia business strategies to talent and brands


  • Provide a comprehensive business development function to new and emerging ventures in entertainment, media and consumer products


  • Expand the internal platforms to service these goals; including brand management expertise, white label releasing, event production, marketing partnerships, business development and access to funding


  • Build an equity-based portfolio of commercial properties under the Tsunami Entertainment umbrella to create long term shareholder value.


(c) 2013 - Tsunami Entertainment LLC